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October 25, 2014

Dear Friends and well-wishers:

Jai Sri Krishna and Namaste

 On behalf of Hindu Bhavan, we bring you greetings and wish you a very Happy Diwali and a prosperous new year. This year has passed very quickly and we are already into the fall. It is also a wonderful time to celebrate the change of weather and color of the leaves and look forward to the upcoming Holiday season

At the temple, we will celebrate Annakut tomorrow. The decorations are coming together well and the temple looks very festive. The altar is looking pretty and the many food items that will adorn the food platform will make it even prettier. I encourage each of you find the time to attend and enjoy the event with your families. While there will be many sweets and prasad, Mahaprasad will also be served. Please maintain an orderly line with the intent to serve children and senior citizens before the rest of the congregation. We plan to conduct our annual meeting at about 7 pm while the event starts with the annakut darshan at 4 pm.

While at the temple, please make all offerings directly into the Hundi and envelopes will be provided. If you wish to obtain a receipt, provide us a name and mailing address. All cash donations should also be placed into the Hundi and the Aarti Thali (plate). Only personal contributions of Dakshina should be given to the Priest. There is a printed list of all named services and fees at the temple. Please note that the dakshina to the Priest is at your own discretion and it is separate from the temple fees (for named services) and it is suggested that this not exceed the temple fee. You can give this directly to the Priest. If it is included in your check to the temple – please let us know, and we will forward it to him.

We encourage you to become active members and a list of daily timings and services is posted at the door and also on the website – “Hindubhavan.org”. Tomorrow, we will collect yearly donations and pledges for 2014 and membership dues for 2015. Annual membership dues are $151/- per family and we accept any pledge above this amount for one or more years (dues waived if pledged). This allows the temple to service the debt and with annual operational expenses.

We are continuing to make progress with the Picnic Shelter Project. The contractor has been selected and the bid came in at $157,625/-. This is more than we originally anticipated and thus we will use contributed and pledged funds and also access a credit line with the intent to pay it back in the near future. On behalf of the Directors and Trustees I want to thank each of you that made a challenge gift and contributed to this project. If you choose to make a gift, please let me know. All gifts will be recognized appropriately.

I also ask you to volunteer your time and please let any one of us on the committee know of your interest in a committee or for “Seva “at the temple and we will be glad to assign you appropriately.

We are very excited at the Hindu Bhavan and we pledge that we will continue to find opportunities to bring many religious and cultural events to the temple. The Priest – Pundit Karthick Dixit is doing a wonderful job and he sends you his blessings on the occasion of Diwali and New Year. We look forward to many future years of joy, peace and service to the community.

Jai Sri Krishna!

Submitted respectfully

On behalf of Board of Directors and Board of Trustees

Rakesh Gupta


Mark your calendar: Anand Mela at the Temple is tentatively planned for Nov 8, 2014

Donor Categories

General Donors $ 1000 - $ 4999
Bronze Donors $ 5000 - $ 9999
Pearl Donors $ 10000 - $ 19999
Silver Donors $ 20000 - $ 50000
Gold Donors $ 50000 - $ 150,000
Platinum Donors $ 150,000 - $ 250,000
Diamond Donors $ 250,000 and above

Contact Number
Rakesh Gupta 910-977-2995
Raju Shah 910-578-8039
Kamal Bakri 910-484-8956
Kalpana Krishna 910-670-5596
Mrs.Sharmila Ganesan 910-818-5108
Mrs.Vinita Gupta 910-527-4961
Mrs.Koki Patel 910-489-8638
Arunesh Kaushish 910-824-4638

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