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June 2, 2015


Dear Friends and well-wishers:

Jai Sri Krishna and Namaskaar.


Over the coming weekend (Friday and Saturday) on June 5 and June 6 we will celebrate the fifth anniversary (Varshikotsav) of our temple. This is an important timeline in our existence. Due to the hard work and support from our community we have reached an important milestone. It is also a time to reflect and reassess our mission and vision and continue our journey that we believe will provide a better future for generations to come.

Every year we take additional small steps to make it a better environment for religious events and social and cultural gatherings. We have hosted weddings, naming ceremonies, many weekly and monthly pujas and homams and of course the daily schedule including Aarti each evening.

Our Sunday school for children meets every other Sunday during the school year and is staffed by community mothers that donate their time.  Our head Priest is Pundit Karthick Dixit and we have renewed his contract for three years beginning this January. He is available at the temple between 10 am and 12 noon and 4 pm to 7 pm. He has an off day on Thursday and the Sai Baba Bhajan group conducts the Thursday evening bhajan and Aarti on that day.


The Board of Directors and Trustees meet regularly to review our operations, financial statements, income and expenses and plan for events ahead. Our operations to include mortgage payment (Principal and Interest), Priest’s salary and expenses, utilities etc run about $180000/- per year. Most of this is supported through donations, pledges and membership dues. Some of it is collected through Hundi offerings. Our core donors have contributed upwards of $10000/- per year and some have given cumulatively over $300,000/- and even more. I offer my sincere Pranams and gratitude to all those that pledge and donate in order for us to service our debt and expenses. I also ask that each family consider pledging an annual support (commensurate with their ability) of $4/- per day ($1500/- per year) and at the very minimum offer annual membership dues of $151/-. I cannot emphasize how very important this is for the temple.

The Picnic Pavilion is now ready for occupation and use and will serve us well for many years to come. This was supported through special collection over the last two years and many of you have contributed generously to make this a reality. On Saturday June 6, 2015 at 7pm we will have a special dedication ceremony – to name it Murthy Pinapaka Picnic Pavilion. Dr Murthy was an important catalyst (also an initiator) in pursuing the construction of Hindu Bhavan and the Board of Directors and Trustees have agreed to name the pavilion in his honor to have a lasting legacy. The family will be in attendance for this ceremony. I encourage all of you to attend.


A robust program is planned for Friday and Saturday – June 5 and June 6. Please see the flyer in the news TAB on the left. Please participate at any level that you feel comfortable and we hope you will avail the opportunity to be present and perform homas and pujas and celebrate the anniversary with gaiety and joy. Please make a copy of the flyer and either send us a check or cash at the event to perform various Pujas. Any donation of $500/- and above (donor) will receive a commemorative silver coin.


We look forward to seeing you at the event and please call or contact any one of us on the Board of Directors or Trustees for questions. As is usual, this event cannot be conducted without the able and generous time from our volunteers – to whom we remain eternally grateful. I also want to thank and recognize all of our food sponsors for the entire event.


One additional note (error) on my part – in my letter to the community in April, I failed to appropriately credit Dr Kalpana Krishna for her long term and unfailing support of a monthly lunch serving at the Salvation Army kitchen. I apologize for this lapse.


Thank you all. Jai Sri Krishna!

Hope to see each of you at this important event at the temple.





Rakesh Gupta and Raju Shah


Hindu Bhavan


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