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April 21, 2014

Dear Friends and well-wishers:

Namaskaar. Jai Sri Krishna.

We are nearing our fourth temple anniversary on May 3-4, 2014. We are preparing and looking forward to a celebration of another milestone in our existence. The temple committees and the directors are busy at putting the pieces together to make this event very productive and enjoyable.

During this year’s anniversary celebration we will also perform the Shiva Lingam Pratistha. Initial ceremonies have already begun and the next step is the installation of the Nandi followed by final Pratistha after Havan on the evening of May 3, 2014 Saturday night. The details of the program will be available to everyone via an E mail flyer and on site program brochure. We invite participation from every family in our congregation and look forward to the sponsorships and support. Typically this is our biggest fundraiser for the year and we ask you to come out and send us your contributions. Sponsorships are $250/-, $500/- and $1000/-. You can also make Aarti or Havan contributions at $21/- , $51/- and $101/-. Moorti sponsorships are $5000/- and the payment can be made over three years. Please contact any member of the committee or myself to let us know. The two day event will begin at 8 am on Saturday and conclude at about 3 pm on Sunday. There will be Havans on both days and meals will be served each day (by sponsors and volunteers). Should you wish to contribute to any event including support for meals – please let us know? Each meal is already sponsored but additional sponsors are welcome and will be recognized.

This is also the time for annual change of Vastras (clothing) of the idols and those of you interested in acquiring the changed vastras can inform Jyotiben and these will be available for purchase at $250/- each. For the Pratistha there is an option for any family to acquire a metallic yantra (to be embedded) in their name for $51/- each and please contact Jyotiben at the earliest to inform her.

As we are nearing this wonderful and joyous event, I want to remind everyone that annual memberships to the temple are $151/- . Those of you that are yet to send in your contribution for 2014 can do so at this time. The membership form is available for downloading at the website, Hindubhavan.org. Please avail yourself of this opportunity and mail it to us at the PO Box 87255, Fay, NC 28304 or hand it in person at the temple. WE welcome annual pledges of support for any amount over $151/- and this allows waiver of the annual membership.

The temple continues to make strides in providing a focal point for our community for worship, music, dance, yoga, visiting lectures (vedantic) and celebration or various kinds including cultural events. I am very happy to report that our interfaith event was extremely well received by our community and visitors who were very grateful that we took this bold step. All of this can only be made possible with your volunteer and financial support and on behalf of the Board of Directors and Trustees I wish to express our sincere thanks and gratitude. Our Priest Sri Karthick Dixit performs daily Poojas and the temple is open each day 10-12 and 5-7 except on Thursdays. Thursday evening is open for Sai Bhajans (without the Priest services). I encourage you to become a volunteer through the facebook page and make yourself available once a month (third Sunday of each month in the morning for seva and housekeeping projects). You could call and inform Mr Raju Shah.
Finally, we are getting ready to install donor and moorti recognition plaques at the temple (in the main hall) for all donors exceeding $1000/- in contributions through our history. Our intent is to recognize all Moorti donors, and all general donors in broad categories of Platinum (over $150K), Gold ($50-150K), Silver ($20K-50k), Bronze ($5K-20K) and general donors ($1K – 5K). I will host a discussion on Wednesday, April 23, at 5.30 pm at the temple. This will be an information session and allow for comments and questions. Should you have an interest, please try to attend.

With warm regards and best wishes from all of us at the temple and on behalf of all volunteers, contributors the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.

Please remember that “your legacy is determined by not who you are, or what you keep, but instead by what you give and how you change the environment around you to make it better for others to follow, after you have left.”
Remember the Vedic message – “Do Your Duty”, and ask questions of yourself – “Who am I? What is my purpose on earth? And what is my relationship with the Divine?”

Jai Sri Krishna!

Board of Directors and Board of Trustees – Hindu Bhavan

Presiding Priest: Sri Karthik Dixit
Contact Number
Rakesh Gupta 910-977-2995
Raju Shah 910-578-8039
Kamal Bakri 910-484-8956
Kalpana Krishna 910-670-5596
Mrs.Sharmila Ganesan 910-818-5108
Mrs.Vinita Gupta 910-527-4961
Mrs.Koki Patel 910-489-8638
Arunesh Kaushish 910-824-4638

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