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July 8, 2022
Dear Devotees, friends and well wishers
We are now well into summer, and we have been fortunate to celebrate the twelfth anniversary of the temple which went off flawlessly in May. The event was well conducted by Priest Kamlesh Vyas ji along with the assisting priest from Charlotte, Mr Raghavan. The “Kalyanam” ceremony was especially lovely to bring a conclusion to the ceremony. It was especially important in that we announced the payoff of our mortgage that will be completed in the latter part of this year. Many thanks to the concerted effort of our devotees and especially the core families that have lent the final push through the 2020 campaign. We remain ever grateful that this can be accomplished through your generosity.

In June we were graced by Sri Bhupendra Bhai Pandya Ji (Guruji) from Mumbai who conducted a whole week of Bhagvatam. This was a new experience for our community and due to the persistent hard work from many volunteers this was also accomplished with a lot of gaiety and joy. Rekha Dave (Jayesh) took on the role of organizer and recruited Margi Shah and Pushpa ben along with their respective spouses and support from Anup and the volunteers (gang) and put on a wonderful program. It pulled together so many people from all walks of our community and already there is a chatter of doing this again next year (maybe Ram Katha next year).

On the virus front – the news is not so good. It is becoming apparent that the COVID pandemic continues to afflict people within the community and elsewhere. New data suggests that the current BA. 4 and BA. 5 strains (now accounting for 70 % of infections in USA) can evade vaccine immunity including immunity via natural infection. This is causing infection rates to rise including reinfections. The strains are very transmissible but fortunately, serious life-threatening illness amongst those vaccinated, remains low. The only true mitigation (protection) is by masking especially in indoor settings. At the temple we will continue to ask that you mask when attending services (and similarly, if Panditji visits your home or in an indoor setting – masking will be in effect). Avoid congregating in indoor settings (especially if poorly ventilated)

Upcoming events at the temple are a Brahmakumari lecture and Mahaprasad on July 20 at 5 pm, Krishna Janmashtmi on Aug 19th and Ganesh Chaturthi on August 31. Announcements for these will follow in due course. All are invited to attend.

We remain ever grateful and humbled by your support and ask that you continue to visit the temple as and when able and please continue to impart our Hindu faith (Sanatana Dharma) to the next generation. “Faith is like a scaffolding for a building”, it allows us to follow the right path with the ability to perform our duty with a devotional attitude and maintain a connection with the Divine. In times of stress, it allows us the opportunity to reflect, meditate and recover.
Sincerely and with best regards and good health to all of you and your families.

The Trustees and Board of Directors of Hindu Bhavan


January 10, 2022

Dear Devotees, friends, and well-wishers:
We are beginning this year with the idea and hope that finally there will be an end to the pandemic as we have known it. We are not there yet and as we write this letter, we are under a serous Omicron wave that has swept through the nation. The good news and the silver lining is that it is a milder infection in the folks that have been vaccinated and that the wave may peak quickly and some signs from New York point to this being the case. This also means that we will have to learn to live with the virus in some form and continue our lives in a modified manner with some preventive measures such as masking and distancing socially for the foreseeable future. At the Hindu Bhavan, we have remained vigilant and cautious.

Pundit Ji is continuing prayers and Aarti daily in the evening; the prayers and Aarti session is available for viewing and participation via a Zoom link sent out from Hindu Bhavan; This session is at 6 pm each day. We have tested Zoom, and it has added a new meaning to attending a session virtually and yet enjoying the altar in full view. On Mondays 4.30 pm and Thursdays 4 pm. Of course, you can attend in person and are welcome to do so. The Pongal, Sankranti, Lohri event had to be postponed due to the high prevalence of COVID transmission locally and as a result, the Priest is also unable to travel for Pujas at devotee homes until further notice.

Some additional information is that Dr Kamal Bakri has asked to retire from the Trustee Board. He has served for over twenty years in various capacities and is a founding member, donor, Director, Trustee, and devotee. His contributions and his legacy will be etched for ever in Hindu Bhavan history. We thank him for his service and wish him a joyful and healthy life and wish him and his family the very best as he continues his personal journey. He has been a doctor, mentor and a friend to many and we cannot thank him enough.

Mr. Anup Contractor has been nominated to the opening on the Board of Trustees and no one is more qualified to take this role. Anup has served the temple since it opened, and he is a constant presence in the volunteer role handling all tasks at every event. He is also a former President of the Board of Directors.

Dr Mrs. Amruta Bahekar Patel is nominated for the vacant position on the Board of Directors. She and her husband Pavan Patel have made Fayetteville their home and she brings a different and youthful vision to the temple.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any of us on the Board; If not, we will accept the support by acclamation (in the absence of a formal vote due to inability to hold a general body meeting).

Full Slate: Trustees: Dr Dinesh Chandra (Chair), Dr Divyang Patel, Mr Anup Contractor, Mrs Jyotiben Naik, Dr Rakesh Gupta

Directors: Mrs Vidhya Hegde -President, Dr Sumedha Dalvi -Vice President, Dr Kalpana Krishna, Mr Raju Shah, Mr Sharad Surati, Mrs Koki Patel Secretary, Mrs Sujita Naik, Mr Natarajan Raman, Mr Manish Mehta,

We encourage you to visit the temple as always, participate in Puja and Aarti, which is the very best way to get the blessings and feel the vibrations from the altar, and if not able to come in person, attend virtually via Zoom link. We wish you and your family a healthy and happy new year.

No cloth masks will be permitted for now – Surgical masks, KN 95 or N 95 masks only, when at the temple.

On behalf of The Board of Directors and Trustees – Hindu Bhavan

Jai Sri Krishna



November 22, 2021

Dear Devotees, Friends, and well-wishers:

We are now closing in on the end of the year and the Holiday season is here. This also means that we are in November and Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. As we gather around the dining table and give thanks and celebrate with family and friends, it is also time to pause. This has been a difficult year for many, especially the young and old amongst us, with separation, lack of social contact due to COVID restrictions and work at times replaced by Zoom conversations and Webex meetings. The world has seen over 5 million deaths and numerous others that have had lingering effects of long covid. We want to give thanks to Bhagavan for allowing us to continue our journey and with the hope for a better tomorrow.

Hindu Bhavan is especially grateful for your support, resilience, and vigilance during this pandemic. We are grateful that our operations have continued uninterrupted and while we have had in person gatherings for main events, we have continued to host small or even large events on Facebook live and zoom. We are also grateful that our congregation continues to adhere to masking and social distancing while at the temple. Please understand that the pandemic is not over, and even at our local hospital, while the inpatient census for COVID has declined in recent weeks, there are an estimated 8-9 % (hospitalized) that have been vaccinated but have breakthrough infections (In the community at large - this is an underestimate). Thus, the need for continued vigilance and masking. Get your Booster Vaccine now.

This season of Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for sharing with family and friends. This is followed by Giving Tuesday – the Tuesday and week after the holiday. In our community over 60 charities are participating, and you can give large and small through the Cumberland Community Foundation to support your favorite charity. The gift will be amplified with matching support of generous donors up to $400K. If you should, however, choose to support us at Hindu Bhavan, we welcome your support and you can write a check to Hindu Bhavan directly, and mail it to Box 87255, Fayetteville, NC 28304. All support will be directed to retiring our mortgage (debt) that is currently estimated at $100K. This is our focus for the year.

As the famous poet Maya Angelou said, “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed”.

May everyone in your family be blessed and may all of you have a wonderful holiday season.
Thank you for your continued support and kindness. Stay healthy and safe. Please visit the temple as often as you can – this helps you and the family, the temple, and the priest Pandit Vyas Ji. It also allows us to perpetuate our faith “Sanatana Dharma”.

“Dharma, Duty, Devotion, Dhyanam and Danam” – The five pillars of our faith as per Premaji Pandurang.

Jai Sri Krishna
Executive Committee and Board of Trustees.


May 17, 2021


Dear Devotees and friends:

Namaste! It is our sincere hope that you and your families are doing well and have been vaccinated against COVID 19. As all of you already know that vaccines are now available quite freely at most pharmacies and under the current CDC guidelines anyone over age 12 is eligible and should avail of the opportunity.

Also, under the most recent guidance it appears that it is quite safe to pursue outdoor/indoor activity and family gatherings if everyone is fully vaccinated. Since it remains uncertain if everyone “is” or “is not” in a public setting such as a temple, we are continuing the strict guideline of masking and social distancing when indoors at the temple. This will include the priest Kamlesh Vyas Ji when he goes to the devotee homes or out and about in public locations. Please help ascertain that this guidance is followed.

We are beginning to resume as much of an activity as is permissible and safe at the temple. We are grateful for your support during the pandemic which has been difficult for all. Many members of our congregation have lost a family member or a friend here in US or at home in India where the infection continues to be devastating. Many of you have made contributions for equipment and support individually and collectively to support folks back home. Please be reminded to do so with scrutiny of nonprofits that are providing support in India.

Hindu Bhavan will celebrate Varshikotsav on June 18/19 at the temple. Please mark this on your calendar. Your presence and support as usual are crucial for this to be a success. We will provide separate small homam kunds for families to use while performing the ceremony outdoors to avoid congregating at one homam used by the priest.

During this annual celebration, we will once again try to reach out to our members/friends to contribute to pay off our mortgage (balance of $162 K). We look forward to seeing each of you.

Pundit Vyas Ji is doing well and has recovered well from his illness in January.
He is once again available for Pujas at home and at the temple – only if you and the family are fully vaccinated.

Temple Hours: Evenings 5pm-7pm (Aarti at 6.30 pm) Weekends Saturday and Sunday 10 am – 12 noon and evenings at the same time. the Priest has a day off on Tuesday.
Sai Bhajan on Thursday Evening 4.30-6 pm; Regular Aarti 6.30 pm

Thank you once again. Jai Sri Krishna.
Members of Board of Trustees and Directors


December 14, 2020

Dear Members, devotees, friends:
Jai Sri Krishna and Namaskar.

We are coming to the end of this year and what a remarkable and unforgettable 2020 has been.
The pandemic brought upon us a completely different way of living and connecting. We have learned new phrases and are forced to live and work with virtual technology. Yet, I must say the spirit is not broken and, in many ways, we will come out stronger than ever, simply because we now realize how valuable the human connection is, friends are, and the family is. We encourage you to not let your guard down, as we await the vaccine and development of adequate herd immunity, we need to remain vigilant and observant of masking, social distancing and hand washing. (projected at least into the winter of 2021).

At the temple we have been fortunate to have Pundit Ji conduct daily Pujas and connect with most of you in a virtual fashion especially during important festivals. It has been hard for him and the congregation, because not being able to assemble on premises poses many hurdles. Yet he remains flexible and resilient and willing, so that many Pujas can be conducted using facetime live or zoom technology. Please avail of such opportunities. WE have advised him against travel to individual homes to minimize his exposure to COVID 19 infection.

The temple Board of Directors wish to inform you that we are forming select committees to assist senior citizens who are unable to venture out, for help with purchase of groceries, making physician appointments and such. We do remind you, that should you have an urgent physical/medical emergency, the best way to handle that would be by using 911 access. We are also looking into the idea of basic health and medical guidance with the help of our physician members/devotees to help triage simple health issues. We will send out additional information regarding this item.

We wish to thank each member/family that has donated time and money to Hindu Bhavan to keep us operational. We again seek your support before the end of this year as you make your charitable gifts/donations. Please be reminded that all cash donations made to Hindu Bhavan are tax deductible fully and you can also contribute appreciated equities through FCB brokerage. (A Pledge card with a self-addressed envelope is enclosed). Our goal is to retire our mortgage (currently about $230 K) via the 2020 campaign. Many families have made generous contributions to retire about $300000/- in our mortgage this year.

We wish to inform you of a change in leadership; Mr Arunesh Kaushish has asked to be taken off the Board due to his inability to contribute time and Mrs Sujita Naik was nominated and approved by our Board. We seek affirmation from the general body, and she will be a wonderful addition. Should you disagree, please let Dr D. Patel know via E mail or phone. We have not had the opportunity to seek confirmation via vote of the general body typically done at our annual meeting.

Many or you are on the mailing list via E mail, but should you not be in the 2018 directory from Hindu Bhavan, please forward your mailing address to Dr Sumedha Dalvi.

In concluding, we wish to thank Mrs Kamlesh Tandon for doing a wonderful job of conducting Yoga via Zoom daily. She now has people attending class from here and abroad and many distant places within USA.

We also wish to remember those in our community that we have lost this year from COVID 19 illness and otherwise.
WE wish each family the very best and send our heartfelt condolences for the loss of their dear ones. It is never easy, and we hope that the next year will bring an opportunity for peace and joy and that the pandemic will be behind us.

We thank you and again remind you that “all of us are in this together”.

Tentatively, we are planning an outdoor event (weather permitting) for Makar Sankranti on January 16, 2021 by kite flying and bonfire. Each member (child) is asked to bring their own kite(s) with roll of thread to celebrate that day. Additional details will be forthcoming.

Namaste, JSK; Happy Holidays.
Be safe!
Board of Trustees and Directors

“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.”

Calvin Coolidge


September 27, 2020


Dear Devotees, members and well-wishers:

Namaste and Jai Sri Krishna

This letter is to thank you all for your patience and diligence in dealing with COVID 19 crisis and we very much appreciate that all visitors to the temple have been socially distancing, wearing masks and following hand washing guidelines. It is unlikely that these guidelines will change anytime soon as we come to the fall and winter season.

This year we did not celebrate our annual Varshikotsav, but the Board of directors and Trustees met to review our recent progress. There is a significant interest by the devotees in hosting a two-day celebration (Vishwa Shanti Yagna) with Pujas and outdoor homams with careful social distancing. Please mark Oct 9/10 weekend and a detailed flyer will be forthcoming. As all of you know the Ganesh utsav was celebrated with a lot of gaiety and we raised over $10 K for the operational temple fund. Kudos to all those who participated and contributed.

Pundit Vyas Ji is quite busy and has generated a compact schedule. We will have a visiting Priest from the Charlotte temple to assist. We must remain cognizant of the State guidelines and a limited number of people can gather within the hall at any given time (socially distanced with masks) and outdoor gatherings are better and easier to manage. Homas will be conducted with restriction of two or three couples/families around each Havan Kund to diminish the risk of infection. Pundit ji will control the time permitted for each participant couple/individual.

We encourage you to remain vigilant and continue to follow guidelines from CDC and the State.
Should you have an interest in contributing to the temple mortgage retirement fund, please contact any member of the Board. Additionally, many options will be available to support the event (Yagna celebration) on Oct 9/10. Our goal is to retire our mortgage as soon as possible.

Wishing you the very best of the upcoming fall season.
Jai Sri Krishna
Board of Directors and Trustees


August 16, 2020

Dear Friends and devotees

Namaste! Jai Sri Krishna

We are planning a celebration (virtual) of Ganesh Chaturthi festival over the next two weekends. The Sthapana and Ganesh Puja will be conducted on August 22 and details will be communicated via a flyer. The attendance at the temple will be restricted and staggered in compliance with COVID 10 state guidelines. The following weekend on Aug 30, a Visarjan (outdoor) will be planned and boxed mahaprasad will be available for pickup. Devotees are invited to the outdoor event and masking and social distancing will be mandated as per guidelines. A virtual music program "Pearls of Hollywood" is planned for Saturday August 29.

This year is very unusual and difficult for all of us and the community at large. COVID 19 disease is a serious illness and the viral infection is very contagious and has led to more than 168 K deaths in this country alone. We should continue to remain on guard and pursue all the safety measures to include frequent hand washing, wearing of a mask and social distancing. It is very likely that this “new normal” will persist for a minimum of 12-18 months or even longer until appropriate drug intervention or vaccine with documentation of immunity becomes available for the general population. Many families have suffered personal and business consequences and we should remain cognizant and supportive in any manner that is practical. It is especially important that those with preexistent conditions such as lung or heart disease, diabetes and HTN remain very vigilant.

On behalf of Hindu Bhavan we wish you a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi and encourage you to participate in the celebration (virtual) or in person with above restrictions. Please keep the temple mission of promoting religious harmony and peace and prayer, foremost in your daily life. Encourage our youth to learn our Hindu faith and continue to support their social and educational needs during this difficult period. Sunday School has resumed its schedule (virtual).

The temple depends on your support for continuing its operations and we encourage you to contribute by sponsorships and pledges as you deem appropriate. We also wish to recognize the hard work of volunteers that attend the daily service, keep the temple premises clean and to Punditji Kamlesh Vyas who provides religious services. We offer our support and prayers to him and his family for their recent personal loss (mother). We thank the families that have already sent in their support contributions this year. Many Thanks!

Jai Sri Krishna
Members of Hindu Bhavan Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee


April 21, 2020

Re: Temple Closure and New Hours/Requirements

Dear Devotees and Friends:
This remains a very difficult and testing time for our community and the country/world due to the Pandemic secondary to COVID 19 virus. These are uncharted times and even with all the backing of modern science and technology it is very difficult to predict the future as it relates to this disease. We currently remain under a restriction of ‘stay and shelter’ order by the Governor of NC.
We do know that the disease infectivity can be decreased by social distancing and protective measures to include frequent handwashing, facial masks(covering) in public domain, careful sanitizing and limiting all gatherings to less than 10 people. It is also important to self-quarantine (and seek medical advice) if one has fever, fatigue, dry cough, altered sense of smell/taste, difficulty in breathing or loose stools and nausea/lack of appetite. (or contact with a person with travel history or personal travel history).

It is quite likely that the new normal of social distancing and wearing of masks and frequent handwashing may be with us for the next 6-12 months or even longer. As the incidence and prevalence of infection in our community decreases, it is likely that we may venture out into the public domain with continuing precautions until a drug intervention or vaccine becomes available for general use (hopeful, but not likely for at least 12 months).

Our temple will remain closed until we have additional directions from the NC state government. The Priest Kamlesh Vyas ji will continue to perform Aarti daily (5.30-6.30 pm) and will entertain devotee presence at evening Aarti only by a previously scheduled appointment with the Priest and on a rotational basis to allow an equal opportunity to all. No more than 6-8 devotees with precautions (each seated >6 feet apart) will be permitted to attend a given session. If you do not follow the prescribed guidelines (including facial masks) you will be disallowed entry or asked to leave. You are not allowed to touch the Aarti thali or bring any food/offering to the temple. Do not touch any equipment or the temple bells. Observe all disinfection/sanitizing guidelines.
A private session for a special puja for a family (no more than 6-8 people) may be arranged by appointment. This can be also done via Facetime or other live streaming. (at request); Please remember that we need to prevent spread of the infection and protect each other.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated. All temple charges will apply for services as posted.
Thank you for your patience and support.

Jai Sri Krishna
Temple Trustees and Board of Directors





November 1, 2019

Dear Friends and well-wishers: 

Namaste. We are concluding festivities for the year and as we celebrate Annakoot it is also the beginning of a new chapter. Our volunteers and donors have once again come through on each occasion to support, contribute and keep us focused on our mission. 

The year has been very productive and eventful. Pundit Kamlesh Vyasji and his family joined us in January and his dedication and devotion to the temple and the congregation has been very remarkable. We have received positive feedback, and this has been very gratifying. Please do let us know if there is any suggestion or comment that you may like considered in his evaluation at the end of this year. 

The temple celebrated many events this year with gaiety and pomp and these were enjoyed by the congregation. Varshikotsav, Ramnavami, Ganeshotsav were especially joyous. Navaratri celebrations and Diwali event were also a lot of fun. It was very good to see over sixty couples participate in the Pooja organized by Punditji at Diwali. 

From a financial standpoint we have done well this year and the annual summary will be presented at the meeting. We also renewed our mortgage in the summer at the prevailing rate of interest now under 4 %. Our total Principal outstanding (430K) has declined with the support and contributions to the Bhavan 2020 fund.  We have received $140 K in contributions to date and we have a pledge of $30K. Our goal is to retire our mortgage at or around the tenth anniversary coming up in May 2020. It is our fervent hope that each of you will not only support the temple for daily operations but contribute to the 2020 fund to help retire the mortgage. This will go a long way in making the temple a viable entity for the future. 

The temple is open daily each morning and evening, except on Thursday (evening only). Punditji welcomes your presence and should you need a service performed at home, please feel free to reach him on his cell phone. (224 85 8310). Monthly schedule for the temple is posted on the website “Hindubhavan.org”. Contributions can be sent to Hindu Bhavan, PO Box 87255, Fayetteville, NC 28304. 

The temple has become a focal point of our community. This is truly wonderful because it offers us the opportunity to share thoughts, meditate, perform yoga or just pray together or just as we choose. Our youth group meets there every other Sunday during the school year. The Sunday school continues to render teaching of our scriptures to the younger children. Please feel free to support and reach out if you wish to enroll your children.

An important message is that you cannot impart an education unless you (as a parent) are willing to practice and impart it at home. 

It is also time to elect new leadership and we will have some changes to the slate of officers and members on the list for Trustees and Directors at the annual meeting scheduled on Nov 2, 2019.Dr Divyang Patel has agreed to become the President of Board of Directors and Mrs Vidhya Hegde as the Vice President.

We want to especially thank Mr Harkisan Bhai Dhandha for his service since inception of Hindu Bhavan. He will continue to serve on Buildings and Grounds and Religious committee. We want to welcome Mr  Arunesh Kaushish back on the Board of Directors after a hiatus of several years. He will chair the Buildings and Grounds committee.

The Chairs of each existing committee will be recognized at the meeting. Dr Vinita Gupta and the Sunday school teachers continue to serve in their roles and provide a nurturing educational environment for the children. Mrs Kamlesh Tandon conducts Yoga classes each week on Monday and Wednesday. The Cultural committee chaired by Dr Sumedha Dalvi has done a superb job hosting enjoyable events. Thanks to Mrs Sujita Naik , we keep getting Mahaparasad at most temple events. 

In closing, we want to say a huge thank you for our ever willing and present volunteer group that continues to serve the temple. They are often the folks working behind the scenes for us to all have a good time at the temple. Please stop to say hello and should you have an opportunity, please sign up by calling either Anup Contractor or Natarajan Raman. Please strive to avoid littering and please keep the temple clean. We ask for volunteers to set up and take down after each big event at the temple.

Pundit Vyasji has asked us to remind each devotee that he is available to do special Pooja for an individual’s birthday, anniversary or any special event. You can call him to make an appointment. 

Please continue to attend services, offer advice as appropriate and provide suggestions to make our community better.  

“Put you heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”

Swami Sivananda 

Jai Sri Krishna

Respectfully submitted 

Hindu Bhavan Board of Directors and Trustees

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Diamond Donors $ 250,000 and above

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