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Sunday School Newsletter

Jan. 2nd, 2021

Dear Sunday School students and parents,
Swagatham to the New Year 2021. Wow! What a year we have gone through with tough challenges.
We did resume our sessions on Aug. 16, via ZOOM, overcoming many hurdles.

Let our teachers inform you of our groups
3-6 years: Our youngest group are learning their 5 shlokas and what GOD stands for. They have eagerly learnt the “SAPTAK” in music and to lead bhajans. We talked about Deepavali, Dashera and value stories to help them become good citizens. (Teachers: Jyutika Aunty and Sirisha Aunty)
6-9 years: They have mastered their 5 shlokas and expanded on the meanings. They have delved into RAMAYAN, moral stories and yoga while furthering their bhajan abilities. (Teacher: Shefali Aunty)
9-12 years: This group has furthered their shloka base and are exploring common root words between Hindi and Sanskrit. They have entered the world of MAHABHARAT through the GURUKULA APP. Through bhajans they Lead and Follow in pairs with Sur and Taal in mind. What a delight to listen to.
(Teachers: Anu Aunty and Pallavi Aunty)
Over 12 years: The Seniors have experienced a wider perspective of Hinduism both present, past and distant past. (Rekha Aunty and Vinita Aunty)

Topics covered: What is the language of our soul? Bhajans through music.
Vast knowledge of our Vedas and our past and present Universities.
India’s GDP and period of prosperity from 3000 BCE to present (over 5000 years)
Invasions/ Colonization – Decline of India and its GDP.
What Hinduism teaches: Righteous Living
Respectful acceptance of all religions
Temple worship and rituals

Our DATES for the coming year:

January 10 th 24 th   14 th Makar Sankranti
february 7 th 21 th    
March 7 th 21 th   11 th Shivaratri, 28 th Holi
April 4 th 18 th   21 th Ramnavami
May 2 th 16 th 30 th 21 th and 22 thTemple Anniversary
June 6 th     Graduation

Our Zoom sessions have been a blessing with a new way of learning for all. We are grateful to our parents for their support.

10.00 am – Noon for 6-18 year old.

10.30 am - Noon for 3-4 year old.

10.00 – 10.10 am Initial prayers
10.10 – 11.10 am Discussion (for 3-6 year old 10.30 am – 11.10 am)
11.10 – 11.30 am Yoga (for 3-6 year old SaReGaMa music)
11.30 – Noon Bhajans and Aarti
We look forward to learning with our students. Newcomers are welcome, with a nominal charge. We need parental presence through the session for the 3-6 and 6-9 yr groups. 9-12 group may require monitoring.
Any queries, may contact Anu (anumittal@hotmail.com)
Your teachers.

The different religious events that take place at the temple and the daily prayers help to instill in us a feeling of belonging, a prayerful attitude and humility. In the same way the teachings that are provided by our teachers on alternate Sundays for our children gently instill the feelings of human values that help build their confidence and character. These are necessary impressions called 'Samskaars'. These help build a spiritual foundation for them to balance their worldly exposures and experiences. Let us all come together for our children for this purpose.

We will continue to work together to enhance the rich spiritual teachings through our Vedas and scriptures. Suggestions and solutions are welcome.

"Education is a wasteful process unless knowledge is transformed into wisdom and wisdom is expressed in character. Teachers are reservoirs from which, through the process of education the students draw the water of life. Education must result in humility. Humility is the best credential for success in life". BABA.

We welcome newcomers and request timely and regular attendance. Suggestions are welcome and registration is open for the year ( Dues : $125/- one child per year. $150 if more than one child). All to wear traditional clothing, shoes on racks and keep your temple clean.

We thank you for letting us work with your youngsters. It is truly a joy. We look forward to a wonderful and invigorating 2020